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Monday, May 12, 2008

Decisions, decisions

My wife, aka The Boss, wants to take me out for a birthday dinner tonight. It is a lovely gesture and one I won't turn down.
Now the hard part:
Do we go to Outback, my favorite restaurant close to the house?
Or do we go to the new Olive Garden, which has DirecTV?

If we go to Outback, do I try to sneak in my mini-XM?

Update - We went to Outback, so I positioned myself to watch the ticker on ESPN. We got into the car just in time to hear Flores throw out Reyes. We saw him do that last year in New York. Love that kid. Someone needs to explain to me why he hasn't been up all along. I've always thought he was a better option than the $6.25 million DynamicDudDuo.
And THEN we got home and got the TV on in time to see Flores' two-run double.
This has been an OK birthday after all, no matter what happens in the final four innings.


Chris Needham said...

Would the phrase "Odalis Perez, Starting Pitcher" alter your decision in any way?

MikeHarris said...

It usually causes me to close my eyes about this time of the evening. But "Flo" is in the house so all is well.