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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I respectfully disagree

Don't have time to do the whole Post chat today and I never get my question asked anyway. But I do have to comment briefly on this exchange:

Los Angeles: Is Tim Redding likely to be dealt at the deadline? Other than his last start, he's been remarkably consistent and pretty darn good. I could see a contender overpaying for his services, and it's hard to see the Nats saying no in that case.
Chico Harlan: Redding shouldn't be dealt; that's the first thought here. Just because somebody is having a fine season doesn't immediately make him a good trade candidate. Especially because Redding just might be the guy Washington needs at the back of its rotation in, say, 2009. If you trade Redding, you create a needless opening (and Chico goes on with some stats comparing Redding to Johan Santana this year).

Two things:
*Who is on the FRONT end of that rotation in 2009? Do the Nats think their minor leaguers are going to be ready by then? Does Hill find health?
*If the name isn't Zimmerman, Flores, Rauch or Milledge and the offer is right, MAKE THE DEAL. And I could be coerced on Milledge. If someone wants to overpay for Redding, plug the hole with someone and thank him profusely for his service, for his efforts and for the reward. Leaving a "hole" in the rotation isn't going to cost the Nats the pennant.


Mike said...

I agree with you about Redding, but I would trade Rauch as well if they could get decent value for him.

MikeHarris said...

I could probably be coerced on that one, too, especially if my man Zech continues to develop. For right now, I'd hold him unless the offer was overwhelming.

WebberDC said...

At the risk of subjecting my 8 year old daughter to future endangerment, I would add Dukes to your list. I know it is unsightly now, but I really think he will end up being an above avg. hitter and fielder. He is only 23 and we have to start somewhere.

Rauch has got to be traded ASAP. There is no more over-valued player than a set-up man/closer. Easily replaceable on a bad team. Again, only for the right deal.

Since Bodes is prominently involved, such a deal may not actually exist.

Gus said...

Trade them all for just 1 player that can hit the ball NOW.

George Templeton said...

I side with you on this one Mike. If someone gives us a decent AA or AAA arm for Redding then good. Maybe in 2009 a prudent free agent signing will help fill out the back of the rotation.
I wish the Nats had tried to get Livan back here to eat some innings this year.

George Templeton said...

Oh and I almost forgot: FLORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeHarris said...

I've been sitting here watching the video clip of Flores' slam since my old self was asleep when he actually hit thing (but awake and listening to the eighth and ninth).
Takes my mind off Zimmerman for a while.