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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zimmerman out again

Listening to him on MASN with Debbi now.
Why is this making me very uncomfortable? If he misses again tomorrow, I'll be apopleptic, whatever that means. Batshit crazy, I think.

"There's a problem there," Ray Knight just said.
Uh, yeah.

Also, sorry no update on Potomac yet, I'll get to it tomorrow. A guy takes a day out of the office for the holiday and he gets back and has to do work. Amazing how much you pay for one day! Then I get home, it's raining like a sumofabitch and my bay window in the kitchen is leaking. Along with the skylight in the master bathroom. I had to put the towels I just washed to work. Power out a while, satellite out, Internet out. It has been a great night and the Nats aren't even losing yet.

Now Zimmerman is out again. I'm always such an injury pessimist. Hill is pitching tonight, so my angst about him last week was misplaced (or not, we'll see).

Let's hope it is also misplaced about Zimmerman.


George Templeton said...

Sheesh Mike you sure a dark cloud isn't following you and the Nats around.
What I can't figure is that Hill was doing alright and then all of sudden 12 balls on 13 pitches, what the heck?

The Team said...

Offense, has anyone seem our offense?