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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Nelson

how 'bout you drink a tall glass of STFU?

I'm glad Chico is there to get my quotes for me. This is from today's Washington Post recap of the Nats victory on my birthday (thank you gents for making 52 a little bit easier).

"They were cheerleading in the dugout like a bunch of softball girls," Figueroa said. "I'm a professional just like anybody else. I take huge offense to that. If that's what a last-place team needs to do to fire themselves up, so be it. They could show a little more class, a little more professionalism now that they won tonight, but in the long run, they're still who they are."

Well, Nelson, that means they're still the team that beat the Mets five times out of six in the final two weeks last season to keep the Mets out of the playoffs. I like the Mets as much as I like any non-Nats team. David Wright, Jose Reyes, Ryan Church *** lots of players over there I enjoy watching. But that gag in '07 was one for the ages and I'm thrilled the Nats could play a part.
You want them to shut up during the game? Get them out, how's that? Lots of people do it, it ain't that hard.

I get on Ayala for not talking one day and Figueroa for talking the next. Yes, I see the contradiction. I guess my message is: Talk without being a dumbass.

From the NY Post, offered without comment

Call me petty (I am), but this doesn't break my heart.

When Sosa was with the Braves, I used to think he was the next big thing.

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