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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quick thoughts

A couple of things on my mind, eager to hear/read what you think.

*All-Stars. Came up during the broadcast last night when Ray said that Guzman "is definitely our all-star choice to this point." Tough to argue that. But what about Redding? Granted, we're only halfway to halfway so a lot can happen. But let's assume another quarter season like this one for both. Do they both go?

*Guzman's contract. Now that we've seen what he can do when he's healthy and has good vision, do the Nats try to sign him again? For how much? If not, who is the next shortstop? A year ago, I might have been counting down the days until he was through. Now? This Guzman is one I'd like to see around a few more years.

*Why not Pete Orr for Belliard, sted another pitcher? Update/shocker - it is Schroder and who gives a royal rat's ass who made the announcement? Nothing screams ego like, "GET MY NAME IN EVERY PRESS RELEASE."


Chris Needham said...

Look at all the other SS in the league. There's almost no chance Guzman gets it.

Bad teams generally have their closers selected. It could be Redding, but I'd put a $10 down on Rauch now.

MikeHarris said...

Good point on the other SS, but when it comes down to the "every team has to have a guy" picks does position end up mattering?
If Rauch keeps it up, he may deserve the slot.

Chris Needham said...

It does, though.

Not too many good teams -- the kind that have multiple picks -- aren't strong up the middle.

Look at our own division. Ramirez goes. Reyes has a good chance of being voted in by the fans. And Rollins goes. Guzman's in line behind those three. And that's not even counting Escobar -- and that's just the NL East!

WebberDC said...

I'm with Chris. The roster becomes even more unworkable when there are more than 3 AS at the same position on a team.

Here is what history sez:

'05 - Livo and Chief, both deserving & good team

'06 - Sori was voted in, deserving.

'07 - Meathook, deserving and easy. Everyone needs a PH, especially in a NL park

'08 - Buck sez it's Rauch. If Redding gets to 10 wins, he gets the nod. The Guz ain't going.

MikeHarris said...

I yield to you guys. As stated earlier, I'm a Rauch fan now so I'd like to see that.
The other question - stay or go with Guz? Assuming health and continued good vision.

Gus said...

1) I can't see Guzman going to the All Star game, but the fact that Chris didn't seem to think it was the craziest statement ever made on a blog does suggest that the GMan has had a good season.

2) He shouldn't stay. Surely we could trade for a good defensive shortstop who can hit with even a little bit of power?

3) Rauch should certainly play as an All Star. He's been so good this year, basically lights out.

4) Chris, it's nice to see your name in a blog!

Steven Biel said...

DY was not CLOSE to deserving last year. No chance he was even in the top 5 best 1Bs in the NL--Howard, Bergman, DLee, Prince, Adrian Gonzalez, Helton... Who am I forgetting? Oh yeah that Pujols guy.

Here's a more challenging question. Who will be the next Nat who would go if not for the affirmative action? Who would be actually deserving??

Not fat ass Dmitri. No one close this year. Nicky J. is great, but he has no hope of ever getting past the 1Bs listed above. Zimmerman will have a hard time getting past Wright, Chipper, Ramrod, and Braun for the next decade or more. None of our pitchers have any serious AS potential. Everyone else just stinks.

So no one on the team now, that's for sure. I say it'll be someone not on the team now, and someone acquired only AFTER we dump Bowden.