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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rethinking this whole Kearns thing

Thanks to some discussion here and some e-mails, I am indeed rethinking my love for ol' Austin.

I should have clued in last season when Mr. Kearns missed a chance to make history.
Kearns could have had the first three-RBI double ever.

Work with me here.

I can't remember the specific order but a guess based on where they usually hit: Langerhans on third, Zimmerman on second, Church on first.

You with me now? I should use the tricks Chris taught me and search for the game. It shouldn't be too hard to find. How often was Langerhans actually on base?

This would have been - drum roll, please - a three Ryans-batted-in double.

It didn't happen. I can't recall what did happen but a strikeout would be my best guess. Or a weak pop-up.

It will be a couple of days before I get to my "what I don't like post" and Kearns could show up there, too. I can flip-flop with the best of them. I'm sponsored by Waffle House.

As for Langerhans: I really wish he could hit. He's supposed to be a terrific guy and great teammate. Bobby Cox loved him. Rumor in Atlanta is that John Schuerholz finally traded him because that was the only way to get Cox to quit playing him.


Kevin said...

May 6, 2007, in Chicago.

Top 4th:

FLop 6-3
Langerhans 1B
Zimm BB
Church 1B
Kearns P4
Schneider BB
Casto F8

MikeHarris said...

So my second guess on method of out was correct.
You are good, sir. Thanks for finding that.
I forgot Casto was actually on the roster for a while!