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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kearns to the DL

says Nationals Farm Authority - with an interesting note about Maxwell that I didn't realize.

Anyway, let the guessing begin. Or the voting. Maxwell is my first choice but if he is hurt, I'm game for about anything.

I'd sure like to see Pete Orr get a look. He CAN play the outfield. And other places. I may be the lone ranger on that one.


Chris Needham said...

Pete Orr? You're really slumming now! ;)

What? Tony Tarrasco isn't available?

MikeHarris said...

Neither is Melvin Nieves, though we do have his "brother" Wil.

Orr had a hell of a spring, is versatile, can't be worse *** he's not worth a look?

Chris Needham said...

almost 30, slugging .339 for his career with speed? don't we already have Willie Harris? Wee Willie can play second, too!

MikeHarris said...

But, but *** Pete's Canadian. He and Shawn Hill could say "eh?" to each other.

OK, who then?

Chris Needham said...

someone right-handed to back up Harris/Mackowiak. Bernadina? (is he a righty?)

Let Harris/Mack fight it out for spot starts when one of Dukes/Pena is sitting out.

Either way, it's gonna suck!

Sean Hogan said...

I narrowed the 6 candidates (Bernadina, Casto, Daniel, Escobar, Langerhans and Maxwell) down on my blog tonight...came up with Maxwell as the best candidate.

Here's the link:

mike said...

There's another reason it probably won't be Orr, he's on the DL at Columbus.

MikeHarris said...

I'd still take Orr over the current crop!
Have we seen anything on whether Maxwell is hurt? If not, it has to be him doesn't it?
We'll know soon enough.

Sean Hogan said...

Maxwell must be hurt, because Langerhans got the call. Oh well.

MikeHarris said...

Along with some others! Ryan will have company on the plane into D.C. Sanches intrigues me. I'll be there tonight and tomorrow, I hope I get a look at him.

Sean Hogan said...

Yeah, both Sanches and Manning have been impressive so far. I bet Manning sticks if he's even average, we need a solid lefty in the pen.