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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nick nicked - again

I kept hoping the news would be different this time but nope. Johnson is going to miss a significant chunk, detailed in a Nationals Journal this morning by Chico Harlan.

The quote from Acta in the Post's notebook about people being injury prone has me very curious. Why can't this guy stay healthy? What are your thoughts? I covered guys like that in various sports over the years and there was never any logical explanation. Some guys can run into a wall and get up. Some guys can swing a bat and be out 4-6 weeks.

Will this hurt? I think it will. He saves God knows how many errors at first. My guess is Boone will play there this weekend in Baltimore and Young will be the DH. At least until HE gets hurt again.

1 comment:

Sec314 said...

Can any of the non-hitting, poor fielding outfielders on the roster play first? Mackowiak? Wily Mo? Milledge? Even Wily Mo must have more range than Da Meat Hook.