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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A couple of things from the Nationals Journal

Some quick thoughts here on last night's Nationals Journal:

*Is JimBow contradicting himself here? In one, he says he can develop a player faster facing a Cole Hamels than some AAA pitcher even though it isn't pretty to watch. Later, he says something about not bringing up Maxwell and Daniel before they are ready. Uh, I thought you could develop them faster facing Hamels - though they are facing AA pitchers and not some AAA pitcher. Maybe that's the difference. Whatever. They cannot possibly be worse and I'm ready to give them a shot.

*I love Chico (the writer, not the pitcher). I have said that before here and will say it again. He writes better blindfolded and drunk than I ever did on my best day. That said, I have no use for the farting stuff. It's in poor taste and isn't funny beyond high school. It adds nothing. There's some good stuff in that Journal even if you don't agree with all of it. I don't need to read about farts!

*I agree with him about Flo, big surprise. It has been suggested that I change the name of this blog to "Honk If You Love Jesus." Just don't fart.


Chris Needham said...

Boo! Fart jokes are good!

Although I'm not sure I necessarily want the leader of one of my companies talking about farting at an open briefing with the media...

WFY said...

Re: Chico

A more experienced writer probably would have come up with a subtler way of conveying the same information. Remember, as Krusty says, the secret to comedy isn't dirty words, its words that sound dirty.

Basil said...

Like 'muck-luck'!

I don't know. The farting stuff isn't in good taste, but Bowden offered it up on his own. And not just one line, but three or four sentences -- a barrage of imagery with the stewardess and the Lysol. As a fan of the team, I find the inclusion of the farting stuff somewhat relevant. It speaks to Bowden's level of maturity and all that.

By the way, nice blog!

A Long-Time T-D Reader

WebberDC said...

Chico's (the writer, not the pitcher) job is to report. Bowden is the moron who riffed about the farting. Chico just reported it.

Chico (the pitcher, not the writer) shouldn't have a job anymore.

MikeHarris said...

Fart jokes are good, just not sure I want them in my paper. Point taken on being more down on JimBow than Chico for it.
I'm rather have Chico the writer than Chico the pitcher starting a game.

And, basil, thanks. I'm still learning and developing this thing. It will clearly be more conversational than analytical though that may change over time.

Softball Girl said...

I'm impressed by how perfectly blunt Chico is. Ever since his first article where he 'interviewed' Ayala and he "...said, in English, 'I don't speak English.'"

Not that Barry was at all an apologist, but he was there in the beginning. So his stories seemed to be placed within context of 'The Plan.' With Chico, I feel like he's less, I don't know, forgiving maybe?

"Nationals get thrashed." He just puts the badness out there. Lays it at the team's feet and says "what's up with this?" And he does it without seeming like he's out for blood. A great balance.

MikeHarris said...

I'm going to start calling Chico (the writer) Aaron, which is how we knew him when he worked at my newspaper. We'll avoid confusion that way, though he'll probably drive down here, kick my old ass and then head to the park. So we'll stick with Chico (the writer).
He's good and will get even better as he learns more about the team and the people there. I can't wait for him to do one of his long-form stories because I promise you there will be a "wow" factor.

An aside, sort of, to my original post - I suspect there's some sort of "fart" trend going on in baseball. Someone from ESPN wrote about it with Greg Maddux not that long ago.

Sec314 said...

Enough with the farts. More importantly, where did Needham get the bags and how do we get our own?

Cuz' if Chico the pitcher starts a game again anytime soon, I will want one. And a spare if Manny brings Colome in to put out the fire.

MikeHarris said...

Chris is the photoshop king. Perhaps we should start marketing those for specific pitcher nights? Or hold up signs that say "The Wrong Jesus" when Colome comes in? You only need one per team. I vote for Flores.

Chris Needham said...

Send me a check. I'll see what we can work out!