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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time For A Change II

I'm suddenly glad I'm pretty tired and may not be able to hang for all of tonight's game. I'd probably throw something through the TV before the night was done.

The Nationals are sending three straight outs up at the bottom of the lineup. What the hell was Dukes watching on strike three? I'm not even asking these big, strong outfielders to hit it out. How about a long fly ball? How about a ground ball to second? How about SOMETHING to get in a daggone run?


When it is time to sit or send them out? I say now. Give me Harris and Mackowiak out there. Give me Maxwell, give me Daniel, give me Orr, give me Langerhans, give me the middle of my three Labs (she's quicker to the ball than the other two), give me, hell, me. Give me something else.

UPDATE IN THE FOURTH - GRIPPING COMPUTER TIGHT. DO NOT THROW. DO NOT THROW. I didn't make it to bed quickly enough and had to watch another weak K from He Who Should Be Sat. At least WMP got a hit. He must have a Blackberry in the dugout.

UPDATE IN THE SIXTH - That Manny isn't throwing stuff speaks volumes about his self-control. My wife is running around bolting stuff to the floor. When Dukes goes down, can he take Colome with him? Now I'm really going to bed.


Gus said...

Top of the 7th: I just spewed on my computer.

Sec314 said...

How about Escobar? He's healthy and hitting. He can hit, field and run.

Mike said...

I would not be surprised if Escobar was the guy that got the call, but I'd rather see Langerhans. His line at Columbus right now is .312/.421/ .447, and he's a plus defender, too. If he just gave the Nats what he gave the Braves in '05 and '06 plus his defense, it would be a huge improvement over what they're getting right now.

MikeHarris said...

I'd take Escobar - but how long before he was hurt?

WebberDC said...

C'mon Mike. Dukes nearly doubled his average with a knock late in the game.

We need to accept that we are developing big leaguers in the Bigs. Dukes has more upside than Maxwell, Daniel, Langerhans, and Escobar combined.

I say run him out there nearly every day until July 4. If he doesn't have a .250-ish avg. and 5 bombs, then cut him loose.

Besides, Supernanny ain't going to Columbus, so you know what that means.

MikeHarris said...

webber, I was listening to Charlie and Dave by the time Dukes actually got a hit and the "that raises his average to ***** .068" out of Charlie was priceless.

IF you think Dukes has that kind of upside, I agree. I'm not sure he does. WMP maybe. You are a patient man and I admire that. I could be a drooling goober by July 4. Or more of a drooling goober.

WebberDC said...

The one thing I'll say about Dukes is that his approach at the plate far exceeds that of Milledge or Pena. If you watch his at bats (at you own risk) he looks like he sees the ball well. I just think he is pulling off everything trying to jack it out.

His OBP is .133 higher than his BA. That differential is 4th on the team behind NJ (.195) (sacred cow),Wee Willie (.143), and Da Hook (.135). It is ahead of Austin (.108) (no longer sacred cow) and Makowiak (.115). Wily Mo has a .053 differential.

One might say that Wily Mo is lucky and bad and Dukes is unlucky and bad, but has a better idea of what he is doing.

Sec314 said...

I'd rather see Dukes playing CF than Milledge.

Someone should start collecting photos or at least details on his collisions with fellow outfielders. He is going to hurt someone someday. I really wonder if he's capable of playing 1b?

Mike said...

I agree that Dukes looks better in center than Milledge does. And I also think that Dukes should be playing in the sense that he really has a chance to be decent offensive player. But I honestly don't see it with Pena. The guy has some pop, but he can do little else. He looks terrible in the field, and he looks lost at the plate. I really doubt he's anything more than a platoon DH type at best.

MikeHarris said...

Good point, Mike, and that's a problem when the team plays in a league without the DH.