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Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's nothing major

Later today, I may try to look up the articles from last season but my foggy memory seems to say they had a tone similar to this one on about Shawn Hill.

It wasn't serious. He might miss a start. No big deal. And we didn't see him again for ages.

I'm nowhere near smart enough to figure out why some bodies can handle almost anything and some are as fragile as Mom's best china. I remain convinced that Hill can be a serious pitcher. I really like his stuff. I also remain convinced that he'll never make 30 starts in a season.

UPDATE: We've gone from a possibility of missing next start to "likely" missing next start. Safer bet than Big Brown in the Belmont that Hill will not pitch on Wednesday. Then we'll get a retroactive DL later in the week and we'll see a new starter on Memorial Day. Here is my guess for the Memorial Day game.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Kearns has a bum elbow, too, says

Unrelated, I didn't see a single pitch last night. Had a social engagement with no TVs to be found. I did listen to the first inning while driving there and the Baltimore radio crew indicated Wily Mo did not look good on that fly ball. Shocker. How bad was it?

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