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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Odds and Ends before going to Potomac

My wife wanted to bag the Class A game today and I was willing to consider it until I saw that Detwiler was starting. So she lost. I also saw it is Dog Day or something like that at the park. For a buck, you can bring your pup. Look, I love my dogs as much as the next guy but why on earth would you want to take them to a baseball game?


*Note to Uncle Stan - we took the escalator on the third-base side up last night and there's another vast expanse of wasted space. PICNIC TABLES PLEASE. A half dozen or so will do.

*I do most of my newspaper reading online these days, as does just about everyone much to the chagrin of newspapers. One reason I love being up in D.C. is I still enjoy reading the Post the old fashioned way. The Sunday baseball page is really good. I did find this tidbit interesting, about turning Shawn Hill into John Smotlz and making him a closer. I can't argue with the premise but it seems to overlook the fact that Rauch is doing a fine job in that role.

*I'm glad Aaron Boone is on the team. Great guy to have on the bench and he's been productive. I was a little miffed he got on the umpire when he looked at strike three on the final pitch of the game. Probably was low, yeah, but you have to hack at it and keep yourself alive. You can't take that one and hope you get the call. Particularly with a day game the next day! Umps have to get their beauty rest, too!

*Pokey Reese?

That's enough out of me for now. Must get in a walk around Alexandria and then head to Woodbridge to see the future. Without my dogs.


George Templeton said...

Don't know how interesting it is to you, but what's fun about the Carolina and Eastern Leagues is the way the O's-Nats rivalry is playing out at those levels.
In both leagues the Nats affiliate (Potomac and Harrisburg) are in first place, but right on their heels are the O's affiliates (Frederick and Bowie). And I imagine those races will play out all summer. For me, that's a fun story.
Detwiler starting, sounds like a job for the MILB gametracker. Can't wait to hear your report on him.

Kevin said...

Tried the Cantina Marina fries last night. A little too spicy for me, but the wife liked them. But since our seats are over by the 3B side, I doubt we'll be getting over there again anytime soon. And no way was I paying $16 for a crab cake sandwich.

I agree, there's a lot of space that could be used for picnic tables, standing rails, and perhaps even water misters, like they have in the area behind the scoreboard in STL.

I have a sneaking suspicion that when it gets really hot and the breeze starts blowing in off the Anacostia the park is going to be a sticky, fetid, mosquito-filled hellhole.