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Monday, April 13, 2009


I'll try to post something of some substance tomorrow. Right now, that's about the best I gots.
Just got home, pretty much yelled that the whole way home. My family at least understood.
Great crowd, great atmosphere. And another L.
Some guy behind us actually said the Nats were on a pace to lose 100. Uh, my son noted, they're on a pace to lose 162.

Three home runs. Was it 12 hits? Eight runs. You win that game.
But three errors and the inning we dubbed Plunk, Plunk, Boom, Boom will do a team in.


Sad news about Harry Kalas. Got a text right when I got to the stadium. Philly has some classic voices - who is the old Spectrum announcer? - and it is a shame to see one go. RIP.


WebberDC said...

Dave Zinkoff was the Sixers PA guy.

Julius Errrrrving!

MikeHarris said...

Yeah. Zinkoff. That's it. He's in the Hall of Fame up there.