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Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day

It's raining like hell here. Hard, hard, noisy, driving, scare-the-dogs-under-the-couch kind of rain. Check for leaks kind of rain. Still dark out kind of rain.

That's quite all right. It's a sunny day through all that water.

Oh how I love Opening Day. Cap O, Cap D. It is a holiday.

Stupid me scheduled Ella Pupadupalous the Famous Lab Pup for her rabies shot today. At 4:15. My bad. Just rescheduled for tomorrow for 4:15. My fat fanny will be resting in my easy chair at 4:15 today. It might be the only day all season that I get to smile when the pregame show starts. 0-0 might be as close as the Nats get to a winning mark.

Spring and the openers are the time for optimism, which I have to a small degree. As I discussed in my previous post, I really think the team can win in the upper 70s this season, maybe even threaten a .500 record. I'm just a little disgusted about that being the best I can hope for going into the fifth year.

I'll probably spend most of the next six months moaning, griping and complaining. That's OK. Baseball season is the best season. Even bad baseball beats no baseball. Remember youngsters, I'm one of the old guard who had baseball snatched away during my developmental years. That may explain why I'm such a crank in my old age.

I want a winner and I want it now. I'm just grateful to have a team.

Barring something unforseen like actual work piling up, I figure I'll get to about 40 games this season. I have my 21-game plan and I plan to add extras (and miss some on the plan). I have "roadies" scheduled to Atlanta and Baltimore and I'm trying to work a quick trip to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in as well.

Most days and nights, though, I'll be right where I am now. Sitting on the duff with clicker, phone and drink within reach. New HiDef TV about 12 feet away.

My son and I watched the Braves last night. He asked, and I think he was serious: On nights when they're both on, how do we decide which team we watch?

When I stopped laughing, I politely explained that he was welcome to stay in my house for as long as he liked. He's my son. I love him. He can stay here forever. But MY TV is tuned into MY team whenever they are on. It is not a subject for debate.

So let's get it started.

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