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Friday, April 3, 2009

The first poll

Thanks to all 43 of you who voted in my first poll. Well, 42. I was one of them.
The results were overwhelming. Almost everyone (36) thinks the team will win between 70-79 games. Three are optimistic (80 plus). Four are pessimistic (60-69).

I was in the 70-79 camp. I wanted to pull the lever for 80-plus but don't have that kind of confidence.

Of course, 70-79 is a wide range. I think low 70s would qualify as a bad year. I think upper 70s would qualify as a decent year in most minds. My actual guess is 77 but I'm basing that on nothing but hope and prayer.

Here's the real question in all this: Let's say the team does hit the high 70s. Sure, after last season that would look great. But it is really good enough in the fifth year? In 2005, would any of us have said, yeah, that'd be OK? I think not.

Is it reasonable for us as fans to expect better than break even (or less) in the fifth year? I think so. Sure, there have been some unusual circumstances and I'll even agree that last year was an aberration with all the injuries. But I wanted more for season five and I don't think I'm out of line.

I have my season tickets. I'm setting up my datebook to make all my games and some extras. I have hats, t-shirts, jersies (no new ones yet), sweatshirts, jackets. I'm planning three road trips (Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh). I'm still way too invested in the fortunes of this team. Will be until I take the dirt nap, I suppose.

I just wanted more by this stage. Maybe this year, huh?

New poll up, by the way. Vote early and often.

1 comment:

George Templeton said...

I will show my Southwest Florida bias (former Sarastoa resident) and vote for Elijah Dukes.

Dukes 42 HR
Dunn 38 HR
Zimmerman 28 HR
Johnson 8 HR (then is dealt)