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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cintron Revisited

Morning person is often used to describe me. I haven't slept this late since college. Usually, sleeping in means 8 a.m.
I planned to get up and post my thoughts on the guy who is apparently the Nats' new favorite player, Alex Cintron. I see my friends at Nats320 had the same thoughts and managed to get them posted at a decent hour.
So just click on the Nats320 up there or on the cool links to the right and imagine my snarly voice going, "Yeah. Daggone right. What he said," in the background.

Seriously, what's the love affair with this guy? I'm sure we'll hear some defense about situational this or situational that. Here's the situation: The Nats had cut a three-run lead to one. They needed someone on base, or maybe another home run. There sits Ronnie Belliard, long-time MAJOR LEAGUE pro, veteran of many roles ....

Oh wait, all this is in Nats320's fine post.

Off to walk the dogs and do a couple of chores before plopping back down in this chair to agonize through a Daniel Cabrera start. I just love being a fan!!


Wil Nieves said...

I'm starting today! Are you disappointed there's no more Bard for you to cheer for?

MikeHarris said...

You batting fifth? That was Bard's spot.
Yeah, I miss him. Along with my hemorroids.