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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hole in the Wall Gang

I was sitting in approximately the same place last June when Lastings Milledge got hurt that I was in yesterday when Roger Bernadina got hurt. Both were nasty scenes, seeing an outfielder mess up an ankle after making a catch.

As I watched the aftermath of both, I thought to myself, "Why is there a gap between the bottom of the wall and the ground?"

There has to be a reason, right? Is it a structural thing? Is it the same way at other stadiums? I'm not an engineer or construction expert. I don't play one on TV and I don't pretend to know anything about that stuff.

It could also have nothing to do with the injuries at all. I seem to recall someone saying Milledge did get his ankle jammed under there. A poster on Nationals Journal indicated Bernadina just landed wrong, wasn't near the gap. Could be, I couldn't tell.

I do think, given what has happened to the two center fielders, it is a reasonable question to ask. I hope somebody who knows weighs in with the answer.

A few other items and thoughts:

*Two friends got on the subway after the Caps game yesterday and arrived at Nats Park in the ninth inning. They couldn't get in. They were most willing to pay. They headed up and watched from the top of the parking deck. Trust me, there was plenty of room inside for them and the Nats could use whatever money someone is willing to give them.

*My wife was surprised by the size of the crowd when we sat down at 12:50. She thought it was a 1:35 game. If they're announcing 19 and change, my guess is the actual count is closer to 15. How long before this team is drawing less than 10,000?

*I'm torn on the Dukes thing. Yeah, you have to have rules - but it isn't like he was just plain late. Did he call? Extenuating circumstances have to be considered. I think the idea of sending him to AAA if he does it again is laughable.

*Is there ANY reason to consider keeping Josh Bard over Wil Nieves? Haven't we seen enough? That "hit" he got in the eighth yesterday - the Nats' only hit after the second - was a gift from the home scorer. Hanley Ramirez usually makes that play blindfolded. And why was Bard batting fifth yesterday?

*Results of my home run poll were not surprising - 44 of 48 responders think Dunn will lead the team. Three voted for Dukes (not if he's in AAA!) and one for Zimmerman. The pitching victories poll was spread out - nine think a reliever will lead the team, eight liked Martis, eight liked Zimmermann. Lannan got five votes. Olsen and Cabrera one each. As we all know, Martis is the current leader. With one.

*Another friend recently moved to the area, taking a job not far from Nats Park. He and his wife bought a 21-game plan. He used one of our tickets yesterday. He's all in, having splurged on Nats gear for his head and his torso. I warned him before the game: Being a fan of this outfit will age you fast. He's well aware already. He had the glazed look in his eyes as we filed out yesterday.

New poll going up today, thanks to all who participated. I'm enjoying some time with my brother and sister-in-law before we all head to the park. Gluttons we are, severe gluttons. They're in the club today. We're not.

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Jake B. said...

re: Dukes. The little league thing does make the situation absurd. Given Dukes' background, I can understand why they don't even give him an inch - he seems like someone who needs consistent and fairly harsh consquences for any transgression.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this from dealing with kids and behavior issues. He just seems like the kind of person who is going to test rules and responses. It'd be nutty to send him to AAA, and it's even crazier to announce a punishment that you won't back up. I'm a little worried that Rizzo and Acta just painted themselves into a corner.