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Monday, April 27, 2009

Words fail me


George Templeton said...

Someone posted this on Nats insider:

1: Start out going NORTH on CITIZENS BANK WAY toward PHILLIES DR. 0.1 mi
2: Turn LEFT onto PHILLIES DR. 0.3 mi
3: Turn RIGHT onto S BROAD ST/PA-611 N. 0.3 mi
4: Merge onto I-76 W toward VALLEY FORGE. 17.3 mi
5: Merge onto I-476 N via EXIT 331B toward PLYMOUTH MTG (Portions toll). 115.6 mi
6: Merge onto I-81 N via EXIT 131 (Crossing into NEW YORK). 123.6 mi
7: Take the ADAMS ST exit, EXIT 18, toward HARRISON ST. 0.3 mi
8: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ALMOND ST. 0.3 mi
9: Turn LEFT onto NY-92 W/E GENESEE ST. 0.3 mi
10: Turn RIGHT onto S STATE ST/US-11. 0.0 mi
11: End at Syracuse, NY

Shawn said...

I was waiting for your post tonight. Unreal.

MikeHarris said...

Sorry I didn't have more to say - I'll have something new up in a moment. Words failed me. Literally. I just sat there slack jawed.
The Wife: Didn't they give up a grand slam earlier in the game?
The Wife: Two in one game??

It was that kind of night.