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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day

Not being much of a jokester, the hilarity of the day has always been lost on me. Besides, I have something way more important to celebrate. Twenty-three years and one day ago, while Louisville and Duke were battling for the NCAA men's basketball championship, my wife went into labor with our second child.

First labor was about 26 hours so I figured I had all day and then some. I started making a list of what I needed to get done in the morning. At halftime, she called back. NOW.

Courtney Suzanne Harris was a much easier delivery. She was born early in the morning of April 1, 1986. I wanted to name her Pervis Ellison Harris in honor of Louisville's young star but got vetoed. My little April Fool has grown into a marvelous and beautiful young woman. I'm very proud of her. Tonight, the Richmond crew will head north and celebrate her birthday with dinner in Fredericksburg (note to northern crew - it is NOT halfway). We'll have lots of fun.

I just hope I'm out of my funk by then, that the other news of the day doesn't overwhelm me. Major League Baseball has cleared JimBow of any wrongdoing and apologized profusely. He's asked the Nationals for his job back and they've agreed. I'm sure Chico and Zuckerman and the PR Arm that is are all working furiously on the story as I type and they'll have something up soon. Check back often.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Honey Bear Bear. Love you and see you tonight.


Hendo said...

Congratulations; you almost got me. (Camden Chat really would have got me if I hadn't been warned.)

MikeHarris said...

What are you talking about, had you?? Today IS my daughter's birthday. Honest.