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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite read of the day

is this story about Elijah Dukes and the Little League. I need to find an address where I can send a buck or two to contribute to the cause. I do wonder about the $500 payment to Dukes. Is that standard?

Actually, that story was my second favorite read of the day behind all the stories such as this one about Z-double-N winning his debut. We'll work on the nickname. I liked what I saw enough to sit down and try to figure out when I'll get a chance to see him live. Not sure I'm ready to anoint him as The One just yet but my mood has definitely improved.

I went from downstairs to upstairs after the sixth and saw that a reliever not named Beimel had recorded two quick outs. That helped the mood, too.

Today is already a better day than any recent day has been. All because of a baseball team. I need professional help.


bdrube said...

"I need professional help."

Yeah...I probably do, too. I stuck around through a more than two hour rain delay to watch a 1-10 team that won despite still failing to hit well in the clutch or field the ball cleanly (though they did catch a couple of lucky breaks to cover up the fielding mistakes). Thank goodness double NN made it all worthwhile.

BTW - the announced crowd was just over 12,000 and their were only about 5,000 in the stadium at first pitch. Continuing with my tiresome theme of minimum announced attendance representing the true season ticket base, last night's crowd was a whopping 40% below the 2008 announced low. If they lose that percentage of season ticket holders again between now and 2010 (a real possibility in this economy), the franchise will be back in Expos territory.

MikeHarris said...

Attendance numbers used to drive me nuts.
If they want to report ticket sales, fine. Report them as exactly that.
Attendance is actual people attending. Local baseball team used to give out two numbers.
If you ever read "before a crowd announced at xx,xxx" it means "we don't believe it but that's what they claim."

An Briosca Mor said...

"If they want to report ticket sales, fine. Report them as exactly that."

That's exactly what they are reporting, ticket sales. It just shows up in the box scores as "Attendance." No one reports turnstile count any more, probably because it's hard enough just to figure out the ticket sales number on a nightly basis.

MikeHarris said...

Thanks to computers, both are pretty easy to figure out. I've never heard it announced, "Tonight's ticket sales ***" They always say "Tonight's attendance."
They scan your ticket when you arrive. It beeps. It keeps a running tally.

Gus said...

When is the Guz back? We badly need a leadoff who can get on base!!

MikeHarris said...

Soon, I hope. Next Wednesday is the day, I think.
Flores is starting to get his groove back. With Guzman back, the first seven in the Nats' lineup will be pretty good.

Gus said...

That's what I am thinking. Add a "revitalised" Lastings and that should be a lot of runs.