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Monday, April 6, 2009

Searching for that bright side

because it is, you know, Opening Day and we're supposed to be all hooo-rah.

Maybe they'll realize that Tavarez is a huge mistake and he won't be around when the team comes to Washington next week. He can hang around the bars at 4 a.m. somewhere else.

Oh, and where was THIS Bonifacio last season? I think he has more hits today than he did as a Nat. Of course, he wasn't facing Nats pitching when he was with the Nats.

Dibble actually cheered when Kearns hit his double. That's OUR job, not his.

I'm smiling. Hey, it's Opening Day!! Nothing but happy here. Nothing at all.


Groundskeeper Willie said...

Thanks for pointing out Dibble. He was awful.

Gus said...

One thing stood out today. The lead off hitters. Ours swang on the first pitch and didn't get on base. The other, who I swear I remember wearing a Nat's uniform last year, got on base and scored lots. I know it's one game, but THANKS JIM, smooth move!

MikeHarris said...

I am honestly trying to be open-minded about Dibble. Honest. Glad to hear I'm not the only one going, "Ugh."
He talked some about the advice he gave Lannan before the game. How'd that work out?

Sec314 said...

E-Bone started his stint with the Nationals last summer with several hits and stolen bases.... and then tailed off.

He'll be hitting .260 by May 15, if not earlier.

Even so, trading him for Scott Olsen, even up, was a terrible idea! Oh, we got a hitter too? Too bad there's no place for Willingham in the line up.

MikeHarris said...

Well, it is unreasonable to think a guy who drove in five runs in the final exhibition would have a place in the lineup, isn't it?

One of Dibble's good points was to note that we need to check back on EB in about a month and gander at that .220 batting average.