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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Manny Poll

The results are in. The readers of NationalsFanboyLooser have spoken.
By a margin of 30-20, voters say the Nationals do not need a managerial change.
And the lone employee of the site - that would be me - still isn't sure where he stands on the issue.

It is definitely a legitimate question, given the team's start. Even the television crew is weighing in, though not addressing the question directly. My previous post from yesterday talks about Ray Knight's strong comments. Rob Dibble was very pointed in comments he made during the game and after the game about cluttering Jordan Zimmermann's head with too many scouting report details. That's Randy St. Claire, not Manny Acta but the point is even the hometown TV team is asking a whole bunch of questions about the way things are being done. (Dibble was also very pointed about bring Z-double-n back for the sixth - he didn't like it).

Like many, I'm sure, I go back and forth. What I should have thought to do is track when the votes were coming in and how they went on those given days. I posted it last Sunday, after the disaster of the series against the Marlins. Anyone voting then probably had a mad on and said yes. Then the team wins two against the Braves and maybe those voters said no, no change necessary.
Anyone voting early in the Mets series *** you get the drift. There was a rush of "no" votes late. How big is Acta's family?

I like Manny for a lot of reasons, though I'm not sure any of them have to do with baseball and running a game and a team. It is such a complex job, what with juggling personalities, dealing with media, actual in-game strategy. I've asked aloud if he's the right manager for THIS team and I still wonder about that. There have been some decisions that make me shake my head: Milledge up top, Cintron pinch-hitting too much, the whole Rivera against the Phillies thing, Josh Bard batting fifth.

But I'm far from a confirmed passenger on the Manny Must Go Express. Again, I like the guy. I'd like to see it work out. If he was dismissed, I don't think I'd scream bloody murder. But I don't think it is necessary. Yet.

All I know for sure is the Nats are 1-0 since I last shaved and the Caps evened the series and forced a Game Seven. Sounds like a great excuse to not shave for a while.


James Bjork said...

A ZZ-Top look would be most welcome if it would get the Caps over the top, and right the Good Ship Nationals.

Sec314 said...

I voted yes and although they won yesterday, I found myself scratching me head in the 6th inning when Manny pulled Z-Mann and put in Hinckley -- only to have Hinckley come up to the plate in the bottom of the inning. Does Manny not understand the double switch? He had plenty of moves he could have made.

Sec314 said...

"my head" Damn, I need a proofreader

MikeHarris said...

He was saving Cintron. And I like "me head" better anyway. Makes you sound rather British or something.

Sec314 said...

It's that JMHS education.