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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A very sad day

I know I promised no more non-baseball posts. Sue me. I lied.
When I wrote that, I didn't anticipate this nonsense at my old newspaper.

Five of my former crew in sports - gone. Including one hard working team player who was months away from retirement. Called in and told thanks, see you down the road.

It sickens me. A day like today is something I feared was coming when I made the decision to leave that dying business behind.

I'll get back to baseball later. Right now, I'm communicating with dear friends and former colleagues who are dazed and confused. Some drinks may be consumed tonight.

I have some serious and deep thoughts on the newspaper business that I may share eventually, not that anyone comes here for that. In the meantime, they keep trimming and trimming and trimming and then they wonder why no one is reading anymore?

Lord. I may start drinking now.

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