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Sunday, April 19, 2009

An eventful evening

We caught the news of the promotions/demotions on the drive home. I hope it makes a difference but I'm not sure shuffling some pitchers back and forth is enough. We'll see. We all know it can't be worse.

The better news was waiting when we got home. The Zim deal is done, NJ (and apparently but I haven't seen it yet) report. Good. I'm surprised he didn't go in after this weekend and say "bump it up to 5/50 to get me to hang around this joint."

I got through on the radio call-in and asked my question about Willingham. My phone cut off before I heard the answer. I still have no clue why Alex Cintron batted in the eighth instead of Josh Willingham. I didn't remember until I read my bud over at FJB (see cool links to the right) that it happened yesterday, too.

Is Willingham still on the team? I'm sure I saw him sitting there in the dugout today. No. 16, right? WHY THE HELL ISN'T HE BEING USED??

I'll be plopped in front of the tube the next two games, will venture north again with my son and some friends for the Wednesday game. I wonder if we'll get two days of rain so I can see Zimmermann's debut in person.

Can Bergmann close? Or is that a really bad idea (if so, it would fit right in with several others the team has tried).


bdrube said...

"I hope it makes a difference but I'm not sure shuffling some pitchers back and forth is enough."

As long as Manny is still managing, the Lerners are still owning and no one is general managing (at least on a permanent basis), probably not.

BTW - that fiasco with Zimmerman and Dunn's uniforms missing the "O" in Nationals on Friday apparently made the NBC nightly news last night. It's amazing Zim still wanted to sign the deal (although maybe he has a smart financial adviser who knows the economy will be screwed for many years and that he should cash in now while the getting is good).

George Templeton said...

I am in the tank for Manny Acta so I hope I am wrong about this. But I look that the line change in the bullpen as a last move before the manager gets the axe.
I think Acta has 1-2 weeks and if the Nats don't show marked improvement the he is out.

Ryan Sonner said...

So the Nats are getting killed by Benefacio (sp) AND they're keeping Willingham on the bench. Nice trade, fellas.

I like the demotions, though. Might light a spark. We can only hope.