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Friday, April 17, 2009

Deal or no deal?!

Is Zimmerman signed beyond this year yet?!

I posted something briefly yesterday about 7/72 - I saw a string on a message board that excited me so much I broke most of my reporting rules. I didn't read the whole thread and didn't even look for a link to the story it was discussing. There was NO link because there was NO story. So I pulled my post that should never have been posted.

Today there have been hints that a 5/45 is close, or done, or something. I've heard bits and pieces about it on the pregame and I'm getting the sense that this is close to done. But not done. I suspect/hope that, if/when it does get done, the regular media makes a big deal out of things.

I do know this: 5/45 is a hell of a deal. I hope that gets done. I was just fine with 7/72.

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