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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can anyone confirm that Josh Willingham actually exists? Is he in Florida with the team?
I'm trying to figure out why Josh BARD has been up twice thus far this season and we're still waiting for a look at Willingham.

Two possibilities:

*Manny just yells JOSH and Bard gets there faster.
*The team wants as many looks at Bard as it can get before Zimmermann Day comes on April 19 and a catcher has to go.

Whatever. I daggone sure didn't see Josh Willingham as the 25th player when the team traded for him.


Gus said...

As usual, I am only able to watch on gameday at work (one day I'll fork out for but the way this team plays, I might give up watching all together. Did Jim leave more of a mess than the Expos?

Gus said...

and you know what else is pissing me off...that I read articles on non-nats websites about prospects, and young Major Leaguers, all ready to break through, become superstars etc, and they never mention a Nat...seriously..this team, at all levels.. stinks!

MikeHarris said...

Where's our Pedroia? Where's our Longoria? Where's our Hamels (still in college, I hope, and joining the rotation in June).
I hear you Gus.
FJB had a great item today about two young studs on the Angels. Do the Nats have anyone who is at that level? I mean really at that level, not just hyped to that level?

Anonymous said...

Look for Willingham to get a start tomorrow. Day game after a night game and all that. I'd say Dukes might get a start too, but he just looks way too lost at the plate in his two PH appearances so far.

Anonymous said...

Funny because I thought the exact same thing about the "Josh" issue today and then again tonight. Willingham should be playing! He is red hot AND he knows the park and how the other team plays the field.

Gus said...

oh, and there better be some serious line up shuffling tomorrow, or I'll be headed towards the "Manny isn't the right man for this job" bandwagon. NJ in lead off would be a good start!