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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I actually turned the TV off earlier

and I'm about to do it again.
This is awful, unwatchable. Sunglasses on top of the head where they do NO good, easy fly ball dropped. Two runs. Nick Johnson of all people is now throwing it away. Bad baserunning taking the bat out of the hands of a guy who can hit it out. TV announcers talking about a team not talking infield. WHY NOT?
And so much for the "streak" of "quality starts." Cabrera out already, Bergmann coming in. I have no confidence this day is going to get any better.
It's way too nice an afternoon to sit here and get frustrated by terrible baseball. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if they are trying to be this bad.

C'mon dogs. It's time for another walk.


michael said...

dibble just noted that if dukes was a hockey player, his +/- would be 0. so there's that.

Ryan said...

Unwatchable is exactly the correct word. This game was just incredibly demoralizing.