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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick question for the road

Does anybody see a way this team wins another game? Because I sure don't.

Oh, OK, a couple more:

*Am I holding the right guy accounable in my poll? Is it time to call Randy St. Claire into question? Probably not, since he's not a magician and he can't turn chicken poo into chicken salad. But I still can't think of a pitcher he's developed into a stud in his years here.

*Was Willingham not there today? I swore I saw him sitting on the bench. How is he not hitting in the eighth. Don't give me the lefty-right nonsense or whatever. Willingham has to hit there.

This is going to be a fun drive home.


Chris Needham said...

Did you ever see the episode of the Simpsons with all the MLB players?

short version, the nuke plant owner brings in a bunch of ringers.

But in the critical game, he decides to PH Homer for Darryl Strawberry because of the platoon advantage.

Lesson: Manny needs to be sweeping up the floors of some nuke plant somewhere.

bdrube said...

To make matters even worse, last week I commented here that the Nats probably wouldn't draw 20,000 fans per game this year. Well, they fell below that in all three games of this weekend series, bottoming out at just under 17,000 today.

Last year, the smallest crowd was just under 21,000. If you figure that these games were mostly attended by season ticket holders with few walk ups, that means that the season ticket base has declined almost 20% since last season (which is probably why my own season ticket group was able to get considerably better seats in a previously sold out section this year).

We've all assumed that the Nats HAVE to sign Strasburg, but given the rapidly declining attendance and the collapse of the value of the Lehrner's real estate holdings around the ballpark, one has to wonder if they'll even be able to AFFORD him.

Definately a story worth watching as this disaster of a season unfolds.

Chris Needham said...

Forbes has Old Man Lerner as one of the few people to actually have MORE money this year than last. He's not hurting one damn bit.

Don't start the alarm bells on Strasburg. With league revenues and what they get from MASN, the payroll is pretty much covered before they sell a freakin' ticket.

If anything, it'll reinforce to them that there's no real need to invest heavily; they can do ok without pushing things.